TP Trader Mobile

TP Trader Mobile

by jpeterson

TP Trader Mobile – Trade the Markets from the Palm of Your Hand

Our TP Trader Mobile is designed from the ground-up with mobile traders in mind. It integrates across desktop accounts, allowing your customers to place orders and manage open positions on the go.

The TP Trader Mobile features a clean yet powerful user interface that includes an extensive list of charting and analytical tools, order types and account management tools.

Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Key Benefits:

  • Simple, Clean and Uncluttered Interface with Instant Order Execution
  • Comprehensive Charting Tools
    • Built-in Charting Library and Analytical Tools
    • Historical data and time periods from one minute to one month
  • Full Range of Order Types:
    • Market, Stop-Loss, Limit, Trailing and OCO
  • Real-Time Quotes and Synchronization
    • Live streaming price quotes and real-time account data and trading activity updates
  • Real-Time 24-hour News Streaming
  • Reporting and Account Management Tools
    • Trade history and account statements