About Us

About Us

by jpeterson

Tripeak provides end-to-end software solutions for the FX market, tailored to financial institutions, brokerages and individuals worldwide.

Our trading technologies integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, giving you all necessary tools to effectively manage your business operations and customer base. From aggregation to risk management to client analytics – we cover it all.

Tripeak offers complete FX trading solutions, backed by 30+ years of industry experience and proven FX software solutions:

  • Fully branded front-end trading applications
  • Forex, spot gold and silver liquidity from institutional Tier-1 providers
  • Flexible leverage, pricing and risk management options at one place
  • Marketing, compliance and IT infrastructure support

Speed, Reliability, Scalability and Security

By combining the know-how of our team with the technology foundation of a premiere forex brokerage, we’ve built comprehensive software solutions with you, the end-user in mind. Our software is fast, scalable and reliable, and our customer support helps you with any questions along the way.

Headquartered in London

We are headquartered in London, with additional technology hubs in St.Petersburg,Russia,Jakarta,Tokyo.

We were first in building the MetaTrader Bridge

Following 12 years as the technology foundation of a premiere forex brokerage, Tripeak spun off as a global technology services provider. In order to support an existing base of over 200,000 accounts, we developed an integrated network of proprietary front and back-end solutions. As an independent entity, Tripeak continues to provide exceptional trading platforms, customized applications and strategic advisory to its clients.

A Trading Technology Leader

Tripeak offers end-to-end FX software solutions to financial institutions, brokerages and fund managers around the world..

Why Tripeak

  • Our packages are comprehensive and offer end-to-end solutions to get you started as soon as possible.
  • Our state of the art technology is developed with speed, reliability, scalability and security in mind and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.
  • We offer top-notch customer support and seamless software upgrades with new features and functionality.
  • Choosing Tripeak means reduced technology investment risk and higher ROI with lower upfront capital, resource commitment and levels of complexity.

Our Team is at Your Service

  • Our young and motivated team offers the best combination of technological know-how, industry experience and customer support. We recognize that your success is also our success, which is why our support teams are relentlessly focused on your results.
  • Our Client Solution Managers (CSMs) are focused on helping you measure and improve the results you achieve with our suite of solutions.
  • CSMs are dedicated to measuring your customer experience and benchmarking against industry metrics to help you stay ahead of your competition and leverage Tripeak’s best practices.

You Benefit From

  • Lower cash outlays for enterprise software.
  • Ease of implementation and quicker time to market with deployments generally requiring less than three months compared to 6-18 months with traditional software.
  • Avoids the risk of additional “hidden costs” that creep up over the application life cycle, such as ongoing support and maintenance costs, upgrades and user acceptance risks.
  • Full application life cycle involvement, from initial deployment through ongoing support, maintenance and upgrades, that ensures there is a complete alignment of interests, with Tripeak having a vested stake in the success of the application beyond initial deployment.
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with implementation, customization, maintenance, upgrades and hardware and support costs being bundled into an on-demand service relationship.