by jpeterson

We know that banks and financial institutions have very specific needs when it comes to trading software.

That’s why Tripeak strives to deliver technology solutions that meet those needs, integrate seamlessly with the existing software, comply with regulatory guidelines and are fully scalable.

Financial Institutions must provide timely client service and comply at the same time with stringent SEC, NFA, FSA and other regulatory requirements. With Tripeak, you can eliminate administrative overhead and cut your expenses, enabling your team to focus on what really matters – driving a profitable business.

What We Offer:

  • Leverage your existing customer base with new, higher-margin revenue channels.
  • Seamlessly upgrade to enterprise FX technology that can support hundreds of thousands of customers.
  • Expertly support institutional and retail foreign exchange with no hosting, support or maintenance.
  • Enhance your ability to support complex algorithmic trades and high–frequency models.
  • Improve internal and external FX risk management by accurately identifying, segmenting and offsetting FX risk in real time.