Binary Blowout

Binary Blowout

by lfayman

Recently, we’ve seen an uptick in news surrounding Binary Options brokers and regulations, most recently with the reported layoffs from leading binary options brokers.

Tight regulations are limiting binary option brokers’ ability to expand. As we wrote about a couple of weeks ago, regulations are important to ensure the safety of traders; however, regulators must allow brokerages the ability to operate freely enough so they have the resources to support a safe and secure trading environment for their customers. Regulations on brokers and traders alike are forcing brokers to downsize, and focus investments into other areas of the business – like employing more lawyers and compliance officers – and not on building innovative trading technologies for traders.


In the recent weeks we’ve seen Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) increase the need for additional disclaimers on all binary brokers offering leverage higher than 10:1, including a disclaimer before trades are placed. FINRA is getting involved, too. FINRA, the largest independent regulator for all securities firms’ ‎doing business in the , warned investors that companies and persons are approaching victims of fraud from binary options brokers claiming they can recover their lost funds for a fee, which is yet another scam itself. The latter is a perfect example of how regulators are important — by informing traders of potential risks. This is a much better use of regulations than requiring brokers to invest time, money and resources into developing technology that can show a customer the same disclaimer each time they want to make a trade.


Tripeak’s partner company FXDD Trading, offers a safe and secure binary options platform. The FXDD brand has been around for 15 years and is committed to providing an optimal trading environment for self-directed and institutional traders around the world. FXDD Binary Options gives you the ability to foresee changing value of currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices with an innovative and simple to use trading platform. With low barriers to entry, you can explore multiple asset classes, expanding your trading portfolio and opportunities.


At Tripeak, we offer binary options brokerages the ability to use an MT4 plugin to connect their binary options to MT4, and trade binaries through MT4. Tripeak is the same company that helped FXDD become a leader in MetaTrader 4 Forex trading software. The company was the first to offer MetaTrader 4 FX trading software in the U.S. MT4 gives traders access to advanced charts to help them make better trade decisions and anticipate currency trade movements. MetaTrader 4 combines the best in charting and order entry for fast, easy and effective FX trading. MetaTrader 4 is the industry-standard FX trading platform and helps individuals and institutions partake in foreign exchange market trading.


Our global reach and ability to develop cutting-edge tools at a rate that outpaces other brokerages has helped FXDD develop into global force in Forex. And as we continue to develop, so too will our offerings and technologies; giving traders the opportunity to make the most of the currency market.


To learn more about how Tripeak can help you, reach out to me at

-Lawrence Fayman

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