Asset Managers

Asset Managers

by jpeterson

Deliver a new standard of quality to your customers by using our techonology solutions and liquidity, or combine them with your own.

Our solutions for hedge funds and money managers provide great flexibility and freedom to trade with low spreads and fast and reliable execution from streaming live prices. Deploy your intelligent, multi-sourced liquidity from your choice of market makers.

We recognize the importance for money managers to provide quality customer experiences, manage relationships, and deliver a new standard of transparency and care to their customers. Trust is essential in this industry, and consumers who are engaged with channels that give them consistent, clear, and accurate knowledge are most likely to trust their financial firm. Tripeak offers well-developed resources and reputable professional services to help you provide your customers with the best experience in delivering your strategies and solutions.

Tripeak provides hedge funds and money managers with superior technology in managing their investment funds:

  • Competitive Spreads:
    • Leverage our preferred liquidity providers, use your existing banking and liquidity relationships or inquire how we can leverage our extensive pool of liquidity providers to introduce you to a provider of your choice. Either way, we offer the most competitive average executable spreads in the industry.
  • Liquidity Matrix:
    • Our price aggregator enables our clients to enjoy optimal execution speed and trading experience.
  • Secured Network:
    • Our secured servers and data centers are monitored 24/7 by our IT technicians.
  • Account Management:
    • Manage thousands of accounts with one click, easily organize them into group and add or remove clients to trading groups.
  • Investor Control:
    • Tripeak offers Risk Monitor™ which allows you to monitor investor trading activity, trading history and account details.
  • Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM):
    • Allows you to deal on multiple accounts from one master account using a percentage-based allocation.
  • Lot Allocation Management Module (LAMM):
    • Allocate the number of lots traded on each managed account individually.