Crypto Currency Trading

Crypto Currency Trading

by lfayman

We are committed to providing a single point of access to all global asset classes. As such, we have introduced cryptocurrency trading on MT4 and WebTrader, starting with the BTC / USD (Bitcoin / USD) pair. Before trading, we highly suggest that you do some research into the asset class, as at the current time the volatility on all related instruments is very high. With high volatility comes both trading opportunities and risk.

Cryptocurrency Trading with Tripeak

With Tripeak, your customers can now trade on a thrilling new asset unlike any other –  cryptocurrencies. We provide connectivity into all major crypto exchanges, aggregate internal and external liquidity sources and ensure that all orders are matched with the best possible prices in the market. Everything is done automatically and behind the scenes, so you can entirely focus on growing your brokerage business.

Connectivity into All Crypto Exchanges via API

Our advanced technology provides your customers with connectivity into all major crypto exchanges, such as GDAX, Bitfinex, Binance, Bitstamp, Coinbase, Kraken and more. This allows for real-time price-quotes and trade execution at a lightning speed, without requotes.

Full Aggregation of Liquidity Sources

Tripeak’s technologies aggregate liquidity from both internal and external sources. By combining the liquidity of your exchange with the liquidity pools of the major crypto exchanges, your customers always receive the best possible prices in the market.

Matching Engine

Our matching engine ensures that your customers’ orders are automatically routed and matched with the best available bid and ask prices, which significantly reduces spreads and trading costs.

In combination with Tripeak’s pricing engine, which collects data from all major sides in the crypto market, your customers always get the most favorable quotes and trading conditions.

Depth of Market

In addition to our matching and pricing engine, your customers have also access to Tripeak’s Depth of Market (DOM). The Depth of Market collects order information from all major crypto exchanges and displays both bid and ask prices which are currently closest to the market, providing valuable insights into the demand and supply forces of a particular cryptocurrency.

Ultra-Low Latency Trade Execution

Tripeak’s advanced order management system ensures that all trades are executed fast and secure with ultra-low latency, eliminating any potential “slippage” and “requotes”.