by lfayman

MT4 Plugins

Percentage Based Commission and Agent Commission

Send commission account pays to MT4 account/accounts (by default MT4 just charges customer and do not put the commission into other account).

Use percentage allocation to distribute commission between different accounts (works for commission and agent commission).

Equity Stop Plug In

Customer can offer bonus to accounts, and accounts wont lose the bonus amount, and the balance will not go negative.


Non Slippage Plug In for B-Book

For any type of order, there will not be any slippage on the execution price even when the market is very volatile. The risk is STP trade it will not be balanced between the MT4/5 client side and the liquidity account side.


Multi-Level Rebate/Commission Allocation Plug In

Rebate or commission from one group of the account will be allocated by different percentages to the introducing brokers.


Auto Account Opening and Emailing Plug In

Online account application information will be posted to MT4/5 account side and the customer will receive there account information email automatically with the preset email template.


Reverse Copy Trading via Bridge Plug In

Based on MT4/5 dedicated groups, MT4/5 account place buy order, liquidity account places sell order.