by jpeterson


Our data centers are strategically located throughout the world and use Equinix’s low-latency hosting technologies. Your trades will be executed in the timeliest manner possible – guaranteed.

Bridge Services

Tripeak has developed technology solutions that connect your trading platform with our servers. Tripeak’s MT4/5 Bridge is specifically developed to transmit both market and trading data (i.e. quotes and trade execution) between MetaTrader and Tripeak’s servers. This allows for real-time trade execution, reduced slippage, interfacing with back-office systems and access to Tripeak’s deep liquidity pools.

Price Engine

Tripeak’s pricing engine is a comprehensive foreign exchange quoting solution that creates and broadcasts tradeable price streams in real-time. By collecting data from all major sides in the FX market, our pricing engine offers the most reliable and up-to-date price streams for your trading exchange.


In order to offer the best possible rates in the market, Tripeak has created technology that aggregates liquidity from various external and internal sources. This allows for efficient liquidity management by combining the current liquidity of both your exchange’s clients with external liquidity providers. All orders are routed directly to the best available bid/ask price, which significantly reduces the spread and increases the liquidity.

Risk Management

Managing the risk is mandatory for any company to succeed. Tripeak has developed a comprehensive platform – the Broker Portal – that allows for the real-time monitoring of all key metrics of your company. All your risk and performance measures, such as free margin, equity-to-balance, currency exposure and profit/loss to date, are instantly available with the click of a mouse.