Intelligent analysis

Tripeak Intelligent Analysis System(HIAS)

HIAS—The result of years of painstaking trading research by Wall Street firms, a system of technical analysis developed by the combining cross-index, period callback and four band theory. Mainly used on GBPJPY、GBPAUD、GBPNZD and other GBP pairs. Tested and proven through decades of live trading. The stability of the system is fully verified

  • Alternate Text  Simple

    Direction color coded to see price movement at a glance

  • Alternate Text  Easy to Learn

    Signals for opening and closing positions

  • Alternate Text  Easy to Use

    Red for long, Green for short

  • Alternate Text  Easy to Copy

    Streamlined Trading Rules

  • Alternate Text  High Returns

    Annual Return greater than 100%, exceed typical market returns

  • Alternate Text  Guaranteed Returns

    Trade according to the Rules, losses are compensated

1.   Installation steps:

1)     Double click Tripeak intelligent analysis system to open the registration window. (Figure 1), enter the registration code and user information to register or click "register". (the trial version doesn't need to click Register, just select "7 days of trial" directly.)

Figure 1. Registration page

2) Click "Register" to enter the installation page. Because this program is the target of MT4 client, the installation path must choose the installation directory of MT4 software.

A. Open the MT4 client to be installed and select File->Open data folder to open the data folder window (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Data folder

B. Select the directory above the data file window and copy. (Figure 3)

Figure 3.MT4 data file directory

C. Paste the data folder address into the installation path. Then click the "Setup" button and the program will automatically complete the installation.

For win10 system, select win10 option and copy the MT4 installation directory folder to the MT4 location. (Figure 4)

Figure 4.Modify installation path

3) At this time, the installation has been completed. Click the "installation complete" button to open the MT4 software.

Figure 5. Successful installation

4) Open the MT4 client software, click the "Template" button, and select "Tripeak intelligent analysis system v7.1". (Figure 6)

Figure 6. Loading smart program template

5) After loading the template, you can use the hippo intelligent analysis system. (Figure 7)

Figure 7. Main page of Tripeak intelligent analysis system


Dot: Red long, Green short, Trend bullish, Trend bearish

Background color: gray represents Asian time, black represents European and American time.

2. Setting instructions:

2.1 Right click the red and green indicator line in the chart and select "opening instruction attribute". (Figure 8) open the system parameter setting window.

Figure 8. Open the system settings page

2.2 select the "Inputs" option. The following parameters can be modified. (Figure 9)

A、Hippo_DisplayTime: true, indicating that the Eurasian time separation screen is displayed. False means that background color is turned off.

B、Hippo_WarningSound: Whether to turn on the sound when the indicator color changes.

C、Hippo_BlackscreenStartTime: Start trading from 9:00 to 19:00(GMT) with the 5 min chart.

Figure 9. Parameter setting window