Broker Terminal

  • Broker Portal is a broker terminal software specially built for MT4/5 Main Labels to develop White Label business. Broker portal can manage White Labels, set up clearing accounts, liquidity fee statistics, deposit / withdrawal approval, White Label groups, White Label group markups, White Label product management, etc.
  • Broker portal is an essential management tool for the Main Labels and a necessary software to improve the service quality.
  • Broker Portal combines the advantages of LP management system and CRM system.

Broker Terminal Page Display

Function Explain

1.   Create/Delete clearing account;

2.   Approval of clearing account deposit/withdrawal;

3.   Change of clearing account password;

4.   Leverage setting of clearing account;

5.   Setting of clearing account group;

6.   White label symbol settings;

7.   Application of the white standard group ;

     (Spread, Commission,Volume,Stop Out Level)

8.   Deposit/Withdrawal statistics;

9.   Liquidity fee statistics;

10.   Net Volume;

11.   Clearing account position orders;

12.   Historical order of clearing account;