White label clearing system

The system allows the white label to have an individual account like the main label broker, and white label broker can log in to the clearing account for transactions. All clearing accounts are in net position mode, which is similar to the liquidity providers (Lmax, CFH, Currenex, etc.), and can throw orders to the real market.

Liquidity clearing system

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Webtrader is a set of forex trade terminal developed by Hippo Power Limited. You can log in from the web page and make tradings.No need to install a PC terminal or APP.

Hippo Power Limited Webtrader is an easy-to-use, flexible and fully customizable trading platform. The system can integrate seamlessly with any MT4 / 5 and realize the function of clearing and bridging the white labels.

Webtrader is a necessary tool for the development of white label in MT4 / 5. Webtrader takes chart analysis to the next level through its full set of chart tools and customizable indicators.

Liquidity Clearing System Page display

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Facilitate white label management and clearing account.

Easy to manage.

Prompt white label company image.

Prompt the image of the main target company.

No software installation is required.

24 / 7 technical support.

Full set of chart tools and customizable indicators.

One key trading.

Full online report access.

Full range of order types: market, limit, stop loss, trailing stop loss, OCO (one cancels the other).

News panel and real-time market feeding.

Fully customizable trading interface.

Algo Write or select your own automatic trading strategy and algorithm on the console.

Make changes or updates in the script editor.

Reverse test your tarding strategy.

Online training and support.

MAM/PAM Integrate.