Copy trade

Cross platform copy trade system

It is a service system on cloud integrating more than 1000 forex trading platforms and a large cross platform copy trade community. It brings together excellent trader (or EA signals) from more than 30 countries around the world.

Big data statistics

The system analyzes and ranks millions of signals from more than 1000 foreign exchange platforms based on big data and intelligent algorithms.

Trading information transparency

Investors can see the signal's profit data, risk coefficient, maximum loss and profit, withdrawal ratio and other details, so them can make a clear image and choices.

Easy to understand

Investors who have not done trading can also easily choose the ideal signal, and copy tradings can be realized in one step.

Release signal

A real trading account of any formal platform can become a signal and owners can easily make commissions from followers.

Single platform copy trade system

Single platform copy trade system can improve the service quality of the platform and allow brokers to better retain high-quality customers. Nowadays there are more and more participants in the forex market, and the number of team trading institutions is gradually increasing. The forex market will eventually be a market dominated by institutions. Therefore, meeting the needs of trading institutions has become a magic weapon for brokers to retain customers. The copy trade system is an indispensable tool for trading institutions and asset management companies.

Function Plug in mode Manager API mode
Platform environment Main Label White label
Web usage instructions Alternate Text Alternate Text
Release signal Alternate Text Alternate Text
Subscription signal Alternate Text Alternate Text
Subscribe to multiple signals Alternate Text Alternate Text
Tracking speed (order quantity) 40000 / S 200 / S
Pro rata merchandising Alternate Text Alternate Text
Fixed number of hands Alternate Text Alternate Text
Documentary by net worth Alternate Text Alternate Text
Reverse documentary Alternate Text Alternate Text
Signal Commission Alternate Text Alternate Text
Signal dividend Alternate Text Alternate Text
Transaction report Alternate Text Alternate Text
PAMM function Alternate Text Alternate Text
MAM function Alternate Text Alternate Text

EA copy trade system

EA copy trade system is a copy trade system for some small institutions or individual traders. It mainly realizes the function of operating multiple trading accounts at the same time. The copy trade system allows traders to focus on market analysis without having to rush to operate multiple accounts.