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The safe and stable operation of broker platform is the basis of providing customers with a good trading environment. Without good stability of the platform, poor customer experience will not only cause customer loss, but also affect the image of the platform. So a good trading environment is a necessary factor for a regular platform business. HIPPO not only has a professional IT technology team, but also provides 7-day 24-hour service.

Risk management is an essential part of foreign exchange brokers. However, due to its high technical content, only experienced professional and technical personnel can take on this task. Many companies appoint analysts as risk management personnel, not only can't achieve the effect of risk management, but also bring huge losses to the company. Risk management not only has the ability to analyze customers, but also has the ability to find potential risks. HIPPO risk management team provides 24-hour service, submits risk reports in stages, and makes scientific analysis and overall planning.



Maintenance: platform hardware maintenance and software support Hardware maintenance: network connectivity detection, quotation transaction detection, server exception handling, server regular cleaning and maintenance, backup server detection, etc.

Software maintenance: MT4/5 platform general settings, marketing product design, group construction, commission settings, symbol adjustment, interest adjustment, K-line exception handling, exception order handling, agent server adjustment, etc.


Risk Management

Risk management is divided into active risk management and passive risk management.

Active risk management: avoid platform vulnerabilities through information such as variety, grouping and transaction time. Analyze customer transaction behavior and manage customer A/B book positions by category.

Passive risk management: adjust the net position when the platform clearing account causes contribution due to abnormal customer behavior.

Risk management content: A/B book position adjustment, customer analysis and classification adjustment, major risk prompt, risk hedging, platform vulnerability repair, special customer processing, capital statistical analysis, clearing account risk management prompt, platform vulnerability repair, etc.



Lack of judgment in risk management

Lack of judgment ability of customer transaction mode, A/B book is adjusted repeatedly, and both ends lose money.


Scalping Customers

Scalping customers use B-book to make profits.


Two market hedges

Take advantage of the unequal relationship between futures market and foreign exchange market to obtain B-book profits of foreign exchange brokers.


Group settings vulnerability

Customers take advantage of the handling fee difference between different groups to obtain platform profits.


Setup Error

Many platform technicians lack of financial knowledge. Overnight interest, Spread, Commission and wrong settlement method settings lead to more profits returned to IB than the platform.


Order Exception

Due to account adjustment or other abnormal clearing bridge, the order of clearing account and a-book account is inconsistent, resulting in loss.



Brokerage risk management personnel make transactions, resulting in losses on the platform.


Network Failure

Foreign exchange brokers have high requirements for network and server hardware. In many cases, due to network reasons, customers are unable to trade and platform Risk Management is unable to process, resulting in losses. So Risk Management and operation and maintenance are inseparable.


Black Swan

The black swan incident often causes irreparable losses to the platform providers. In recent years, the black swan incident has resulted in the bankruptcy of a large international well-known foreign exchange broker.